Friday, March 4, 2016

The IBDCraftyLady Paper Bead Project

For the next 4 months I will be working on the IBDCraftyLady Paper Bead Project. This project will be to try and take making paper beads to a new level.

The paper bead project will start out by taking you threw the basics of making of paper beads, the tools you will need to create your paper beads, along with DIY projects to help you create all of these tools for your own use.  Once all of this has been completed I will move on to explain how to create each  of the different types of paper beads old (being the ones everyone makes )and new (the beads I have come up with ). Not only will I explain how to make each type of bead I will also show you how to decorate each type of bead in several different ways.

The paper bead project will also include several ways on how to store and display your finished beads while they are waiting to be used.

And  last but not least for the remaining time of the IBDCRaftyLady Paper Bead  Project . My time will be dedicated to creating DIY jewelry making projects to help you use up all of the bead you now have in your paper bead stash. These DIY projects  will show you that green jewelry does not have to mean ugly jewelry. Paper beads can be  artistic and beautiful .Paper beads can be used to create jewelry  that anyone would be proud to wear and this project will prove it. Not to mention you get to help the planet out some by recycling.

So come and join me as the paper bead project progresses. Follow along  and see just how easy making all of the different types of paper beads can be. and how to take them to the next level. What do you have to lose except not having these awesome paper beads in your own collection of beads.

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