Wednesday, April 6, 2016

How I Store and Prepare My Papers.

Since I do not have a lot of extra space in my small apartment I have to make sure everything has its own place . That place for my recycle papers that I use to make my paper beads is this plastic bin.

I just love how each papers container fits nicely into each other to help keep this main bin all nice and organized for me. This also helps me to not get to carried away with the amount of paper I store.

In this bin I keep 3 separate containers for my papers of choice. For my Paper beads I prefer to use the pages from spiral note books mainly as I am always making notes on crafty ideas and have tons of these. Every 4-6 months I go threw them all ripping out pages that I no longer need and transferring the ideas I want to keep to a main note books on whatever craft they are for.

The large plastic container is where store old Avon books and other magazines that I no longer have a use for, and old printer paper that is either printed wrong or has served its purpose.

 This smaller container holds pages from all of these smaller types  of spiral notebooks.

The medium wicker basket holds pages from medium spiral notebooks.

When I need more paper to make my paper beads I then pick one of the containers and prepare them  for use in my paper bead creation.

I use this effective little paper cutter to trim off all of the tattered ends caused from ripping them out of the notebooks.

I toss all of theses paper trimmings into a separate container.
Later I will use these paper scraps to make my home made papers.

If you want to make your own handcrafted paper check out these helpful links

When I am all done I end up having a good supply of nicely trimmed papers just waiting on me so that I can make all the paper beads my little heart desires.

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