Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Basic paper making terms

Mold and Deckle - This is a two part frame that is used when making paper.  
The bottom part is the mold: this frame is covered with a screen to allow the water to run through, so that the paper pulp can collect on top of the screen, forming the sheet of paper.
The top part is the deckle.  It determines the size of the paper.
There are 2 different types of mold and deckles, pour and dip.

Vat - The container used that will hold the pulp and water while you create your paper.

Press Bar - a smooth block of wood or plastic to help remove the water from the wet sheet

Pulp - A mix of plant fibers and water.

Slurry - when the pulp is added to the vat of water slurry is created

Couch - (pronounced “cooch”) The process of transferring a newly formed sheet of paper from the mold to felt.

Couch Sheets - This is blotter type paper or cloth used to help remove excess water from the wet sheets.

Cover Screen - plastic or nylon the same size as the hand mold

Inclusions anything extra that is added to the slurry or pulp such as dried herbs, flowers, glitter etc

Curl or cockle - when the paper shrinks unevenly causing the paper to not be flat

Deckle Edge - The natural, untrimmed edge formed on the paper by the deckle.

Dip method - Dipping the mold into the vat that contains the slurry.

Pour method - Placing the mold into a vat of water and then pouring the slurry into the mold.

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