Monday, March 7, 2016

Paper Bead basics

So you want to learn how to make paper beads but where do you start. Are there any terms  you need to know? What kinds of paper should you use? We all have a lot of questions when starting out on a new crafting adventure. The best place to start is with the basics. So here you go the basics of making paper beads.

1. Collecting paper: There is no one type of paper used in the creation of paper beads. You can use any paper you find interesting be it in color , texture or just having a  large quantity of a certain kind of paper on hand. What you need to know about you paper is that its thickness and length  will determine the attributes of the beads you create. For example if you create 2 of the same bead with 2 different  thicknesses of paper. The bead made with the thicker paper will be larger and bulkier that the one made with the thinner paper.

2. Cut the Paper into strips: How you cut the paper you use will depend on the way you find easiest. Some ways people choose to cut their paper into strips are buy by cutting them out by hand using a scissors, a rotary cutting wheels or exacto knifes. Other crafters  like to use a paper trimmer and cutting boards. Find the way that works the best for you and helps you be the most productive.

3. Use a roller to roll up your bead: There are a lot of things you can use  a  bead roller such as  a toothpick, a bamboo bead roller, a metal bead roller, and even crank bead roller just to name a few. But I will show you how to make your own bead making tools in a future post.

4. Glues: Basic white glue is perfect to use when creating paper beads. I have seen some say you can use a glue stick but unless it is one of the more expensive ones they do not always hold and cause your dead to unwrap.

5. Decorating and Glazing:  We will get into decorating in more detailed posts on each type of bead. But for your basic paper bead no decoration will be needed. Starting out you will just be using the graphics or colors on the papers you use.  For now glaze with a clear gloss or varnish of your choice. This is another topic that will be gone into in more detail in a later post.

Paper Bead Terms

Types of paper beads: Tube beads, Round Beads, Bicone beads, Cone Beads, and  Disc Beads.
These are the main kinds of beads that have been created over the years. I have created a few more types of paper beads that I will be adding to this list.

Paper Bead Roller:  Is any item the crafter uses to create their paper bead with.

Glaze:  The product used to harden, water proof and protect your paper bead from being ruined

Drying Rack: Places use to place or hang your paper beads after they have been glazed.

Now you know the basics and you see it does not take much to start you on your way. I hope you will keep following The IBDCraftyLady PaperBead Project as we take these basics to the next level.

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