Monday, April 4, 2016

Paper Bead Display

IBDCraftLady Paper Bead Display
 This paper bead display is what I use to keep track of the paper beads I make most often. This way when I want to make some of a certain type of paper bead all I have to do is find the bead on the display and it will tell me what I will need to duplicate the bead. I use to keep a notebook with all of the instructions to make the paper beads . But I found that seeing the actual bead instead of a drawing of it made it a lot easier to decide what size I would really need. So this was my solution for that I hope you find this  as a useful tool in your paper bead making supplies as I do.

What You Will Need To Create This Project
1 Piece of foam board
6 stick pins
Packing Tape
Exacto Knife
Some poster board or other paper to decorate the sides

IBDCraftLady Paper Bead Display
 Start off by cutting your piece of foam board in half

IBDCraftLady Paper Bead Display
Using one half of this foam board which should now be 20 inches wide by 14 inches in height. You want to draw 3 lines 5 inches apart so that you will  have 4 equal sections. Using the exacto knife score threw only the top layer of the foam board so that the board can be bent but not cut into pieces

IBDCraftLady Paper Bead Display
Fold your piece of foam board into a box shape so that you can see the creases on the  opposite side . lay board flat again and now use the packing tape. Place a strip of the packing tape along each crease to strengthen these areas so that they will not tear apart in the future.

IBDCraftLady Paper Bead Display
Now place the foam board back into your square shape and use another piece of packing tape to attach the last 2 end sides together.

IBDCraftLady Paper Bead Display
Cut a small piece of foam board 1.5 inches wide by 5 inches in length. Tape this piece into place as shown above. Creating a brace in the inside bottom of your paper bead display.

IBDCraftLady Paper Bead Display
Place 3 stick pins  into each side of the brace creating a good strong base for your paper bead display.

IBDCraftLady Paper Bead DisplayIBDCraftLady Paper Bead DisplayIBDCraftLady Paper Bead Display

Now all you have to do is decorate to your liking.Use your imagination to create a paper bead display that will fit into you special crafting space.
 I used 4 pieces of poster board cut into  5 inches wide by 15 inches in height.
 I just glued one piece of poster board onto each side having enough to 
fold over on the top to give it a nice finished off look.

IBDCraftLady Paper Bead Display

My finished paper bead display I slapped my logo on the front of it and attached my paper bead blanks along with the information I need to be able to create each of the paper beads. This can fill up quickly so you just might want to make two of them. Feel free to share with me how your paper bead display turned out I would love to see them.


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