Friday, April 15, 2016

Paper Tube Beads Decorating Area

There are many ways to decorate your Paper Tube beads before rolling them . But first I will go thru some points you should know about where and what parts of your paper strips  need to be decorated .

IBDCraftyLady Paper Tube Beads
Here is my paper bead display showing samples of all the paper tube beads I like to use. As you can see there are many different sizes and I think about this when designing my paper tube beads. It also helps me when designing a set of paper tube beads that I want to work together. Deciding on how they will be colored to work with each other, and what sizes I will need to complete the set of paper beads.

IBDCraftyLady Paper Tube Beads
When you are decorating your paper tube beads you must primarily decorate a certain area on the top of your paper strips with the main design you want on your paper bead. These measurements come in very handy when designing your paper tube beads so that your finished paper tube beads all come out looking the same. The width of your paper tube bead does not have an effect when designing. Just the length of your paper strip does, as it must fit all the way around your finished paper tube bead.

Paper length                       Design area
2 inches                                               6/16  of an inch
3inches                                                7/16 of an inch
5 inches                                               9/16 of an inch
7 inches                                               11/16 of a inch
10 inches                                             11/16 of an inch
13 inches                                             13/16 of an inch
15 inches                                             13/16 of an inch
17 inches                                             14/16 of an inch
20 inches                                             1 inch
25 inches                                             1 1/16 of an inch
30 inches                                             1 3/16 of an inch
40 inches                                             1 6/16 of an inch

IBDCraftyLady Paper  Bead Tip


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