Monday, March 14, 2016

Glue Bottle Holder

This little holder will keep your glue always ready for use. No more waiting for it to get to the tip of the bottle, and it is always right where you left it.

What you will need to create this Glue Bottle Holder
1 Empty Cereal  Or cracker box
1 Empty Paper Towel roll if you do not want to form the small tube out of your box.
some packing tape
Some paper or Contac paper to cover it when you are done

This is pretty much Free to make. I used all scraps of the materials to make this glue bottle holder. The way I see it crafting tools like these should be as cheaply made as they can be. They serve their purpose and if they get to a point where you cannot use them anymore then you can just toss it and make a new one.

Cut a piece of your cardboard box to the dimensions of 2.5 inches wide by 8 inches long.
Then make a crease every 2 inches so that it looks like the photo above.
Use packing tape to connect the 2 ends in order to form a bottomless box.
I also used the part of the box where it was glued together in order to make it a bit more bottom heavy.

Cut another Piece of the cardboard box to the dimensions of  1inch wide by 4 inches long.
use packing tape to form a ring.

Cut a 1 3/4 inches long piece of the paper towel tube  off.

Use the packing tape to connect your 2 cardboard tubes like the above picture.

Level and center the larger ring with the top of the box and use the packing tape to secure your tubes to the top and bottom of your box.

Turn your box over
Get an 8 inch long piece of packing tape and fold it in half 
so that both sticky sides are stuck together.
Lay this piece across the bottom of your box and attach it with more packing tape.
It should look like the above photo when you are done.

You can now place your glue bottle into the holder 
either on an angle or straight up and down.
No more worries of drips messing up your working area, it helps to  keeps you from having to clean up spills, and when you set it down you will not end up talking to yourself .
I know personally I have said "now where did that go I just used it" a million times while crafting. That alone makes it worth having in my crafting tools.

 You can leave it just plain or you can decorate it to your liking.

I like to coordinate all of my crafting supply containers and tools so I found some Contac paper that I really liked at the dollar store and use it to keep all of my crafting areas looking like they all belong together.

You can also use this holder to
 Hold your markers as you decorate your papers before they are rolled.
To hold small scissors and a bead sizing tool for when you are working on your jewelry designs or the jewelry pieces themself.

For something so simple it is a big help in so many ways, it will only take you about  5 - 10 minutes of your time  to make one so go ahead you might as well make a  few extras. 

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