Monday, March 28, 2016

Glazing Rack DIY

IBDCraftylady Paper Bead Project
This glazing rack is 9 inches tall

After all of my testing of different types of  glazing and or drying racks over the years, I sat down and decided what  was needed most and what would help me to be more efficient while making my paper beads. This is the rack I finally came up with and best fill all of my paper bead making needs.

What you will need to Make a 14 inch tall glazing rack

IBDCraftylady Glazing Rack

1 pieces of foam-board  or 2 pieces of foam board 1 black and 1 white if you want it two toned like the ones I have made here. I just used scraps of what I had and sized it to my needs.

A pack of stick pins

A bottle of glue

5 chop sticks /  5 thin dowels, or 5 long skewers
I used the packs of chop sticks that come when we order Chinese food as no one but me knows how to use them, so I had a lot of extra ones in my home. You could also use  thin dowels cut into  8-9 inch lengths or even the bamboo skewers used for cooking. 

IBDCraftylady Glazing Rack

Out of the Black foam board you will need two rectangle pieces
1 piece cut to 10 inches in width by 12 inches in height (Piece A)

1 piece cut to 10 inches in width  by 14 inches in height.(Piece B) This piece determines the height of you glazing rack. If you want to make the shorter rack  the dimensions for this piece would be  10 inches in width by 9 inches in height. I would not go any shorter than 9 inches but you can go as high as you would like as long as it is still stable while it is standing alone.

The dimensions for the side and top supports are as follows, and they are also pictured above.

2 rectangle pieces of foam board cut into  1.5 inches in width and  10 inches in length(Piece C)

2 Triangle pieces  that have a 10 inch bottom  and a 2 inch flat top instead of a point. (Piece D)

Now how to put it all together

IBDCraftylady Glazing RackIBDCraftylady Glazing Rack
 Bottom of the board                         Top of the board

You start off with Piece A Draw a line threw the center of this piece so that you have 6 inches on each side of the line . You will then place stick pins threw the foam board  all along the line

IBDCraftylady Glazing RackIBDCraftylady Glazing Rack

Place Piece B so that the stick pins are going into the foam part on the bottom of Piece B.
Add glue before pushing it all the way to the bottom . You will also want to check the bottom of Piece A to make sure all of the stick pins are in all of the way. When done it should look like the pictures above  from the front and side views.

IBDCraftylady Glazing Rack

On Piece D  find the center and draw a line.
Use this line to center the upright part of your rack.(or piece B)
Add glue to the areas of your bottom part of your rack (Piece A) and the upright part of your rack. (Piece B) that will be touching Piece D. Put Piece D in position and  attach with stick pins, as pictured above. Repeat these steps on the other side of the glazing rack with your second Piece D. You should now have a rack that looks something like the picture below.

IBDCraftylady Glazing Rack

(Sorry about the mess in these pictures as I had just moved and had nowhere to craft. but I had this idea and had to make it right then and there . Proof this is quick and easy to make  in no space lol)

IBDCraftylady Glazing Rack

For the top Brace Place the 2  Piece C foam boards together and poke holes threw them using the chop stick. placing the first hole 1 inch from the end the 3 inches apart until you have 5 holes.

IBDCraftylady Glazing Rack

Glue 1 of Piece C to the top of your rack once dry start at one end placing your chopsticks threw each hole. Now place your other Piece C onto the chop sticks on the other side , adding  glue to attach  your foam board and to hold all of your chopsticks in place.
Again sorry there were not more detailed picture of each step in the making of this glazing rack, but at the time it was just a whim project that I ended up whipping together because I could not find what was needed, and I never expected to be doing a DIY on paper bead glazing racks at the time.


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