Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hanging Tags

IBDCraftyLady Hanging Tags

 Since I am not always able to remember how many times I have dipped or painted a certain string of my beads, I like having a way to keep track of this. What better way of doing this than to create a group of tags with numbers on to do the remembering for me. These hanging tags have helped me out way more than I like to admit. Before I started using these hanging tags in my bead making process. There were many times over a week's time that I have dipped or painted my beads , hung them up to dry. leaving them for days before getting back to them. Finally when I have the time to get back to them I would not remember how many layers were on each bead . Now that is never a problem everything is clearly marked and keeps me right on track.

What you will need to make your own Hanging Tags

Crafting wire

Packing Tape


Tissue Paper (or any kind of paper you want to use) I used tissue paper  because it is what I had in a lot of different colors and I also liked the sort of transparent look it added to my tags. So get creative and make them with your own special flare.

IBDCraftyLady Hanging Tags
You will start off by using the crafting wire to form the shape you want your tags to be, ten form a loop on the top of it. For my set of hanging tags I wrapped the crafting wire around a  tube of glass beads to get a circle shape and then  formed a loop at the top of the shape. Since I do not usually go over 5 layers of any type of glaze or paint on my beads. I created 50 of these crafting wire frames.
This way I will have 10 hanging tags for each number .

Cut out pieces of tissue paper that will be able to fill in the shape of your crafting wire frames
Lay out a piece of packing tape sticky side up and place all of your crafting wire frames onto the packing tape. Now place your tissue paper cut outs into these crafting wire frames.

IBDCraftyLady Hanging Tags
With a marker / pen  write the number you want onto each hanging tag.

IBDCraftyLady Hanging Tags
Fold the other half of the packing tape onto the top of your hanging tags.  
Sealing them in between the tape

IBDCraftyLady Hanging Tags

 Cut all of your hanging tags apart and trim them the best you can. There you have it easy as can be and you will never again forget where you were in the process of making your beads.

 I hope that these hanging tags are as helpful to you as they are to me, and that they help you be a more well-organized and productive bead maker in your future projects. Please feel free to share with me how your Hanging tags have turned out. 

I cannot wait to see how others have created these hanging tags to fit their own personalities and crafting styles.
IBDCraftyLady Hanging Tags

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